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Monthly Archives: June 2009

DJ: Dave

Happy Father’s Day and Summer Solstice:

“Vagabond Shoes” – Nancy Sinatra – Sugar
“Summer Wind” – Frank Sinatra – Reprise:The Very Good Years

For the Green Revolution in Iran:
“One, Cat, One Vote, One Beer” – Ry Cooder – My Name is Buddy
“Know Your Enemy” – Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown
“What’s Up” – 4 Non Blondes – Bigger, Better, Faster, More!
“Revolution” – The Beatles – Love
“Gotta Serve Somebody” – Bob Dylan – Slow Train Coming (also in memory of Berry Beckett)

Nod to Rob: For the actual Bloomsday on June 16 (you can see the other Bloomsday songs on the March 21, 2009 playlist)

“Molly Bloom” – Tom Paxton – Tom Paxton 6
“Golden Hair” – Syd Barrett – The Madcap Laughs
“Magic and Loss” – Lou Reed – Magic and Loss
“I Am the Walrus” – The Beatles – Love

A late addition to the Green Revolution set, by request:

“Changing of the Guard” – Bob Dylan – Street Legal

For Father’s Day:
“Father and Daughter” – Paul Simon – Surprise (this first one is dedicated to my daughter, Sydnie)
“Father’s Day” – Chris Smither – Leave the Light On
“My Father” – Judy Collins – Who Knows Where the Time Goes
“Father and Son” – Johnny Cash and Fiona Apple – Unearthed
“A Father and a Son” – Loudon Wainwright III – History
“Your Dad Did” – John Hiatt – Bring the Family
“Papa Was a Rolling Stone” – The Temptations – The Definitive Collection


DJ: Dave

  1. “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” –  Jimmy LaFave Cimarron Manifesto
    For the next ninety minutes, walk in your vagabond shoes.
  2. “War on War” – Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
    for Jay Bennet
  3. “Corrina, Corrina” – Bob Dylan –The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan
    For Leonard Gaskin, bassist who plays on this tune
  4. “Rising Sun” – Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers – Songs in the Night
  5. “Sing Me Back Home” – Marianne Faithfull – Easy Come, Easy Go
  6. “Pancho and Lefty” – Steve Earle – Townes
  7. “Dark Was the Night” – Kronos Quartet – Dark Was the Night
  8. “Scream and Run Away” -The Gothic Archies – The Tragic Treasury: Songs                                                                                           from  A Series of Unfortunate Events
  9. “California Girls” – The Magnetic Fields – Distortion
  10. “Trouble Weighs a Ton” – Dan Auerbach – Keep It Hid (This goes out to George                                                                                       of WTJU’s Cosmic American Jamboree who doesn’t like this album.)
  11. “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” – Dianna Krall – Quiet Nights
  12. “How Deep is Your Love” – The Bad Plus – For All I Care
  13. “Barracuda” – Rasputina  – A Radical Recital
  14. “Hot Legs” – Jacqui Naylor – The Color Five
  15. “Jesus” – Glen Campbell – Meet Glenn Campbell
  16. “Sabali” – Abadou & Mariam – Welcome to Mali
    For Mare, a set of world music, sort of, and hopes of a speedy recovery
  17. “Mariam” – Bela Fleck and Djelmady Tournkara – Throw Down Your Heart:                                                                               African Sessions
  18. “Hey Joe” – Otis Taylor – Recapturing the Banjo
  19. “Ball of Confusion” – The Temptations  – The Definitive Collection
  20. “Send Me On My Way” – Rusted Root – When I Woke

I talked over selections from Carla Bley and Her Remarkable Big Band’s Appearing Nightly.

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