June 20, 2009 Playlist

DJ: Dave Happy Father’s Day and Summer Solstice: “Vagabond Shoes” – Nancy Sinatra – Sugar “Summer Wind” – Frank Sinatra – Reprise:The Very Good Years For the Green Revolution in Iran: “One, Cat, One Vote, One Beer” – Ry Cooder – My Name is Buddy “Know Your Enemy” – Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown … Continue reading June 20, 2009 Playlist

May 30, 2009 Playlist

DJ: Dave “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” –  Jimmy LaFave – Cimarron Manifesto For the next ninety minutes, walk in your vagabond shoes. “War on War” – Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot for Jay Bennet “Corrina, Corrina” – Bob Dylan –The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan For Leonard Gaskin, bassist who plays on this tune “Rising Sun” – Samantha … Continue reading May 30, 2009 Playlist