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Monthly Archives: September 2009

DJ: Bruce

  • “Eight Miles High”Byrds – Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1971 [Sundazed: 2008]
  • “Two Bugs and a Roach”Earl Hooker – Journey of Chris Strachowitz/ [Arhoolie]
  • “I just got back…..”Parliament – Up for the Down Stroke [Casablanca: 1974]
  • “Chasem Ba Rahat Dil Ba yadat”Ahmad Zahir – Afghan Star [Silva Screen: 2009]
    Soundtrack for a film opening this fall – American Idol done Afghani Style
  • “Mata Chal Ne Raze”Naghama – Afghan Star
  • “Sabza Ba Naaz Mea Ayad”Rah Naabzada & Hameed Sakhizada – Afghan Star
  • “Nijurireni”W.Theu – North/Central Malawai [SWP: 1958]
    Hugh Tracey recordings 1950,1957,1958
  • “M’Sodomo”Kasunga villagers – N.C M [1958]
  • “Ndipeko Kayuni Karimbula”Nezela Shonga – N.C. M [1958]
  • “Olin Saira Kum Kuokseni Saavut”Samkani Mponela – NCM
  • “M’Sodomo”Kasungu village – NCM
  • “Mansanni Cisee”Various – Midnight In Mali [Sterns: 2006]
    Recording in 2004
  • “Tindo”Baaba Maal & Brazlian Girls – Television [2009]
  • “Canteloupe”Baaba Maal & B.G. – Television
  • “Yalli Kan Tahqik Anini (you are excited by my sobs)”Oum Kalthoum – El Sett (La Dame/The Lady) [Buda: 2002]
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    Happy Birthday to us!.  Thanks to Jay and Bruce and folks who have filled in for making this a unique slice of a unique station.

    DJ: Dave

    Themes: Our second anniversary; songs of the recently departed and questions about what it all means.

  • “Theme from New York. New York”Frank Sinatra – Sinatra Reprise:The Very Good Years (“These vagabond shoes are longing to stray..”  Which is what we do, straying from one musical genre to another, from Sinatra to Springsteen)
  • “Radio Nowhere”Bruce Springsteen – Magic (This is radio from like nowhere else)
  • “People Who Died”Jim Carroll – The Jim Carroll Band
    RIP Jim
  • “And When I Die”Peter, Paul and Mary – Album
    RIP Mary Travers
  • “So Long It’s Been Good to Know You”The Weavers – The Weavers Greatest Hits (Peter, Paul and Mary were assembled as a 1960s version of The Weavers)
  • “Samson and Delilah”The Washington Squares – The Washington Squares (who were a 1980s version of Peter, Paul and Mary)
  • “Hard to Be”David Bazan – Curse Your Branches  (The rest of the evening was devoted to songs of faith and doubt, and questions thereof)
  • “Eve”Helen Horal – Words Unbroken
  • “Outside of the Inside”Richard Thompson – The Old Kit Bag
  • “Our Father (the new revised edition)”Susan Werner – The Gospel Truth
  • “Let the Mystery Be”Iris Dement – Infamous Angel
  • “All Blues Hail Mary”Joe Henry – Blood from Stars
  • “The Ballad of Mary Magdelene”Richard Shindell – Blue Divide
  • “Story of Issac”Leonard Cohen – Songs From a Room
  • “Into My Arms”Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – The Boatman’s Call
  • “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”Johnny Cash – Cash
  • “In the Garden”Van Morrison – No Guru, No Method, No Teacher
  • I talked over selections from Jewels and Binoculars, who do jazz versions of Bob Dylan songs: “With God on Our Side” and “I Believe in You”

    DJ: Bruce

  • “Scratch Upon Her Windowpane”Darden Smith – Across the Great Divide-Songs of Jo Carol Pierce [DejaDisc: 1992]
    Austin Musicians’ tribute project to Jo Carol Pierce, a (still alive) local songwriter/performer 1992
  • “Something More”Lords of Love – ATGD
  • “Apocalyptic Horses”Robert Jacks & Kim Longacre – ATGD
  • “Too Much On My Mind”Kinks – Face to Face [1966]
  • “You Know What You Could Be” {M Heron}Incredibe String Band – 500 Spirits [1966]
  • “Mad Hatter’s Song” {R Williamson}ISB
  • “Chinese White” {M Heron}ISB
  • “Talking Hard Work Blues”Woody Guthrie – Asch 1 – This Land is Your Land
  • “Mano Suave”Yasmin Levy – Mano Suave [4Q: 2009]
    Ladino music (Sephardic and Andalusian/Spanish traditions)
  • “Kaise Main Kahoon”Kailash Kher & Kailasa – Yatra -‘Nomadic Souls’ [Cumbancha: 2009]
    Bollywood Star forms a band and it ain’t a bad one
  • “Riding on a High and Windy Day” {John Holt}King Selewa & his Calypsonians – Back to mi Home [ARC/Euclid: 2009]
  • “Fulada”Foday Musa Suso – The Dreamtime [CIMP: 1988]
    Produced by Bill Laswell. All instruments by F M S
  • “Muwwashshaha”Ensemble El-Awj – Nuba- D’or Et De Lumiere [Buda: 2009]
    soundtrack. ‘Arabo-Andalusian music’
  • “Visa Veminchosa”Mlimani Park Orchestra – Zanzibara 5 – Hot in Dar .TZ 1978-1983 [Buda: 2009]
  • “Baba Amaa”Dar Internationale Orch – Z 5
  • “Bamba ya Afirka”Isaya Mwinamo – Nairobi Sound – Before Benga Vol 2 [Orginal Music: 1983]
  • “?”Jajoby – Rough Guide Madagascar [2005]
  • DJ: Dave
    Some Remembrances, September and Labor Day

  • “Who’s Going to Shoe your Pretty Foot”Willy Deville – In Berlin
    RIP Willy DeVile
  • “Be My Baby”The Ronettes – Murray the K Christmas
    For Ellie Greenwich
  • “Irish Rover”Van Morrison – No Guru, No Teacher, No Method
    Ted Kennedy, one Irish Rover
  • “Bridge Over Troubled Water”Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water
    For Larry Knetchel
  • September Songs:

  • “September Song”James Brown – Soul on Top
  • “Pale September”Fiona Apple – Tidal
  • “September”Ryan Adams and the Cardinals – Jacksonville City Nights
  • “September Gurls”Bangles – Different Light
  • Labor songs:

  • “Joe Hill”Joan Baez – Rare, Live and Classic
  • “There is Power in a Union”Billy Bragg (with the Pattersons) – Help Save the Youth of America
  • “Union Sundown”Bob Dylan – Infidels
  • “Polish Work Song”Dex Romweber Duo – Ruins of Berlin
  • Back to work songs:

  • “Welcome to the Work Week”Elvis Costello – Infidels
  • “Working Man’s Cafe”Ray Davies – Working Man’s Cafe
  • “Work”Lou Reed and John Cale – Songs for Drella
  • “Work Song”Hal Wilner producer – Weird Nigthmare: Meditations on Mingus
  • “I Can’t Wait to Get Off Work (and See My Baby on Montgomery Ave)”Tom Waits – Small Change
  • “My Mother and My Sweetheart”Loudon Wainwright – High Wide and Handsome
  • “A Hard Day’s Night”The Beatles – Hard Day’s Night
  • Ruins_366Saw these guys along with local band The Leeroys at the IS Venue last night.  Great show, particularly for a guy who complained he hurt his hand; I wonder what his guitar would sound like when he’s feeling better. Amazing how much texture can be generated by a two-piece band.

    I got the impression that a good portion of the sparse turnout had come to see the opening act, who were good, but considering that Romweber is something of a seminal cult legend, who Jack White himself claims as a major influence, you’d think more people might have turned out. I can only imagine how a larger, more enthusiastic crowd and an uninjured strumming arm  might have changed the performance dynamic.

    And what’s with this deal of announcing  a show starting at 9 when the band (and the opening act, at that) doesn’t start until 10.  Yeah, I know they want to sell beer, but maybe a little more truth in advertising. And maybe earlier scheduled shows might get more people out.  This is Charlottesville, not Greenwich Village.

    – Dave

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