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Daily Archives: September 4th, 2009

Ruins_366Saw these guys along with local band The Leeroys at the IS Venue last night.  Great show, particularly for a guy who complained he hurt his hand; I wonder what his guitar would sound like when he’s feeling better. Amazing how much texture can be generated by a two-piece band.

I got the impression that a good portion of the sparse turnout had come to see the opening act, who were good, but considering that Romweber is something of a seminal cult legend, who Jack White himself claims as a major influence, you’d think more people might have turned out. I can only imagine how a larger, more enthusiastic crowd and an uninjured strumming arm  might have changed the performance dynamic.

And what’s with this deal of announcing  a show starting at 9 when the band (and the opening act, at that) doesn’t start until 10.  Yeah, I know they want to sell beer, but maybe a little more truth in advertising. And maybe earlier scheduled shows might get more people out.  This is Charlottesville, not Greenwich Village.

– Dave

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