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DJ: Bruce

  • “Scratch Upon Her Windowpane”Darden Smith – Across the Great Divide-Songs of Jo Carol Pierce [DejaDisc: 1992]
    Austin Musicians’ tribute project to Jo Carol Pierce, a (still alive) local songwriter/performer 1992
  • “Something More”Lords of Love – ATGD
  • “Apocalyptic Horses”Robert Jacks & Kim Longacre – ATGD
  • “Too Much On My Mind”Kinks – Face to Face [1966]
  • “You Know What You Could Be” {M Heron}Incredibe String Band – 500 Spirits [1966]
  • “Mad Hatter’s Song” {R Williamson}ISB
  • “Chinese White” {M Heron}ISB
  • “Talking Hard Work Blues”Woody Guthrie – Asch 1 – This Land is Your Land
  • “Mano Suave”Yasmin Levy – Mano Suave [4Q: 2009]
    Ladino music (Sephardic and Andalusian/Spanish traditions)
  • “Kaise Main Kahoon”Kailash Kher & Kailasa – Yatra -‘Nomadic Souls’ [Cumbancha: 2009]
    Bollywood Star forms a band and it ain’t a bad one
  • “Riding on a High and Windy Day” {John Holt}King Selewa & his Calypsonians – Back to mi Home [ARC/Euclid: 2009]
  • “Fulada”Foday Musa Suso – The Dreamtime [CIMP: 1988]
    Produced by Bill Laswell. All instruments by F M S
  • “Muwwashshaha”Ensemble El-Awj – Nuba- D’or Et De Lumiere [Buda: 2009]
    soundtrack. ‘Arabo-Andalusian music’
  • “Visa Veminchosa”Mlimani Park Orchestra – Zanzibara 5 – Hot in Dar .TZ 1978-1983 [Buda: 2009]
  • “Baba Amaa”Dar Internationale Orch – Z 5
  • “Bamba ya Afirka”Isaya Mwinamo – Nairobi Sound – Before Benga Vol 2 [Orginal Music: 1983]
  • “?”Jajoby – Rough Guide Madagascar [2005]
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    One Comment

    1. Thanks for playing my songs, Bruce. You are a person of rare and exquisite taste Love, Jo carol

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