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Monthly Archives: December 2009

DJ: Bruce

  • “I hate to see christmas come around”Jimmy Witherspoon – The Swing Time Records Story [1947]
  • “St James Infirmary”Eric Burdon – Every One of Us [?1973]
  • “Los Chucos Suaves”Ry Cooder – Chavez Ravine [2005]
  • “Mr Clock”Merrell Funkhauser – Fapardokly [1968?]
  • “Let Go the Mansion”Tom Verlaine – Cover [1984?]
  • “When it’s Chittlin’ Cookin time in Cheathem County”John Cohen – Stories the Crow Told Me [1998]
  • “She Left Me a Mule to Ride”Big Joe Williams – Arhoolie Collections [1960]
  • “I walk the Road Again”john Cohen
  • “Going away Blues”Do-Boy Diamond – Arhoolie Collection
  • “I Can’t Quit You Baby”John Lee Hooker – More Real Folk Blues
  • “Talkin’ Hard Luck”John Cohen
  • “Girl of the Forest”Khac Chi Ensemble – Spirit of Vietnam [1999]
  • “Bavna melodija/Ruchenitsa”Yuri Yunakov – Balada – Bulgarian Wedding Music [Traditional Crossroads: 1999]
    the leader is on saxophone
  • “la Madita Noche”World Musette – Les Primitifs du Futur [Acousti/Harmonia Munid: 1999]
  • “Laurent Lomande”Maboka Marie – The World is Shaking, Cubanismo from the Congo, 1954-5 [Honest John’s: 2009]
    HMV archival collection
  • “Adikwa Depala”Matete Paris
  • “Andre Denis”Cheri N’Aluli Yo
  • “Yaka Ko Tala”Vincent Kuli
  • “Title”Emmanuel Jal & Abdel Gadir Salim – Ceasefire [2005]
    track 3
  • “Ngamuulelo”Zainaba – Comores- Chants de Femmes [Buda]
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    A special nod of appreciation to Kevin Donleavy of Atlantic Weekly fame for braving the snows to keep Vagabond Shoes (as well as World Turning) on the air while the rest of us watched the white stuff accumulate even further while we wondered when we would ever get out of our driveways. (In my particular case, it wasn’t until Wednesday.) Kevin was one of a number of nearby volunteers who were able to get to the station to ensure programming continued uninterrupted, no mean feat considering that even living close by was a considerable trek under the once in a decade or so storm conditions.

    Alas, Kevin’s ability to don snowshoes is not equalled by his computer savvy and there is no publishable playlist. Perhaps this is all for the best, considering the equally ephemeral nature of the environment under which it was performed.

    DJ: David

    I talked over selections from Ben Allison’s Think Free

  • “Must Be Santa”Bob Dylan – Christmas in the Heart
  • “The Hokey Pokey”Brave Combo – Brave Combo Live
    RIP Robert Degan, who wrote the Hokey Pokey, who died on his 104th birthday with right hand in, and his left foot out
  • “When the Ship Comes In”The Clancy Brothers – Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary
    RIP Liam Clancy
  • “The Lonesome River”Bob Dylan and Ralph Stanley – Bootleg Sereis Volume 8
    RIP Jack Cooke
  • “If Dogs Run Free”Bob Dylan – New Morning
    RIP Molly, my faithful companion
  • “Everything Reminds Me of My Dog”Jane Siberry – Bound by the Beauty
  • “Moondog’s Theme”More Moondog/The Story of Moondog – Moondog
  • “Rock n Roll”Bettie Severt – Bettie Severt plays Venus in Furs
  • “Darklands”The Jesus and Mary Chain – Darklands
  • “Sunday Morning”Carolyn Mark and N.Q. Arbuckle – Let’s Just Stay Here
  • “Sister Morphine”Eli Cook – Static in the Blood
  • “Jumpin Jack Flash”Heebie Jeebies/Velvet Elvis – Unreleased
  • “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”Bill Morrissey and Greg Brown – Friend of Mine
  • “John Scofield”I Can’t Get No Satisfaction – This Meets That
  • “Salt of the Earth”Judy Collins – Judith
  • “New Amsterdan”Pink Martini – Splendor in the Grass
  • “The Elements”Tom Lehrer – NCIS Volume 2
    For my daughter, Sydnie, as she studies for her chemistry final
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