March 27, 2010 Playlist

DJ: Bruce

  • “Gajavadhana”U Srinivas
    Mandolin performer. Member of Shakti (w/ John McGloughlin). South Indian Classical
  • “Raag Shanmukhapriya”K Sridhar
    Sarod, North Indian Classical
  • “Karunimpa (Raag Sahana)”N. Ravikiran
    South Indian Classical
  • “Gurrumul”Geoffry Gurrumul Yunipingu
  • “Pile of Gourds”Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra – Goud Shack
  • “Gourdcentricity”RIGO
  • “Fistful of Gourds and a Mound of Dirt”RIGO
  • “Morada de Tapir”Guillermo Anderson – Costa Y Calor
  • “lettre a A P”Paris Combo – Putumayo…Paris
  • “You Don’t Know the First thing (About Blue)”Kelly Hogan – Because it feel Good
  • “Misery and Gin”Merle Haggard – Back to the Barrooms
  • “Voodo Ska Voodo”Billy Bragg &the Blokes
  • “Consequently”Kid Creole – You Shoulda told Me
  • “Weak Brain, Narrow Mind”Willie Dixon – Chess Box
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