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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Thanks to everyone for their generous pledges. We had an ambitious $500 goal, and in ninety minutes we came close enough to say we made it.

All selections taken from various issues of Fast Folk Musical Magazine.

  • “Drummer”David Indian
  • “Forget-Me-Not”Jack Hardy
  • “Don’t Ever Call Your Sweetheart by His Name”Christine Lavin
  • “The Girls of Denmark”Eric Anderson
  • “Disenchanted”Eric Wood
  • “The Viking Rag”Erik Frandsen
  • “I’ll Never Read Trollope Again”Dave’s True Story
  • “For My Lover”Tracy Chapman
  • “The Boat Song”Lyle Lovett
  • “Geza’s Wailing Ways”John Gorka
  • “On the Sea of Fleur de Lise”Richard Shindell
  • “Gypsy”Suzanne Vega
  • “I Don’t Know Why”Shawn Colvin
  • “Margaret”Frank Tedesco
  • “The Phenomenology sing-A-Long”Mitchel Fizco
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    The 2010 Spring Marathon is underway. To paraphrase a Chicago expression about voting, “Pledge your support, and pledge frequently.”

    In our time slot today (April 10) you’ll find this special show from the rock department that is certainly Vagabond  Shoes worthy:

    The Popular and Slightly Less Popular Songs of Yo La Tengo

    WTJU alum joins two lovely (and in love) rock lovers to make the sweetest discord this side of that third Velvets record you’ve worn out on multiple formats. Hushed confessionals. Bop-bop-bops. Fake-jazz freakouts. Paeans to Hoboken. Country covers. Snarling guitars. Guest stars. Sudden organs.

    The following Saturday, we’ll have a special Vagabond Shoes:

    Fast Folk Musical Magazine was a combination magazine and record album published irregularly between 1982 and 1997, founded by Jack Hardy as an outgrowth of a songwriters collective that met at Hardy’s apartment to workshop their latest work. Originally intended as a chronicle of the Greenwich Village folk revival that eventually launched the careers of Suzanne Vega, John Gorka, Tracy Chapman, Richard Shindell and Christine Lavin, Fast Folk branched out to cover the emerging singer/songwriter scenes across the country and the world.

    On Sunday, be sure to check out Bruce’s Merle Haggard show:

    In forty five years and counting of so many memorable recordings, Merle Haggard has shared a distinctive voice, his Bakersfield roots, respect for the greatest singers of traditional county music, his incarcerations, five marriages (and how many lost weekends), a deeply personal sense of striving and of failure, of regrets and hopes, his populism and his contrariness, his deep sympathies for the jazz
    impulses in classic country and western swing, his recovery projects for the music of Jimmy Rodgers, Bob Wills and Lefty Frizzell. Join us for a two-hour celebration, April 18 from five to seven p.m.

    Also, Vagabond Shoes alumni Jay (who now co-hosts Jumpin’ on the Bed) will host or co-host these two programs:

    Los Lobos -Live and Jumpin’

    Since their beginning in East Los Angeles in 1974, Los Lobos has built one of the most impressive catalogs of studio recordings in Americana music.  At the same time, for over 30 years the band has been thrilling audiences with their electric and acoustic stage performances.  Join Jay, the Monster of Happiness and the rest of the Jumpin’ On the Bed crew for two hours of the best live recordings of Los Lobos, covering four decades of rare tracks ranging from ballads to blistering rock and roll.  Push the furniture to the edge of the room because there will be plenty of time to dance along to Los Lobos Live!

    Old 97s

    One of the original bands from the Bloodshot Records stable, the Old 97s blur the boundaries of country, rock, and pop into their sonic Texas stew. Listener advisory: this folk marathon show is best enjoyed with the volume turned up loud.

    DJ: David

    Theme: Easter

    I talked over Heaven on Earth performed by James Carter, Live at the Blue Note; Bach’s In Gloria Excelsios Deo

  • “Dime Store Mystery”Lou Reed – New York
  • “Gloria in Excelsios Deo”Patti Smith – Horses
  • “I Believe in You”Bob Dylan – Slow Train Coming
  • “In My Time of Dyin'”Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan
  • “Roll Away the Stone”Kellly Joe Phelps – Roll Away the Stone
  • “It Hurts”Rickie Lee Jones – The Sermon on Exposition Boulevard
  • “Suzanne”Leonard Cohen – Live in London
  • “The Ballad of Mary Magdalene”Cry Cry Cry – Cry Cry Cry
  • “Jesus”Glen Campbell – Meet Glenn Campbell
  • “Chocolate Jesus”Tom Waits – Mule
  • “Personal Jesus”Johnny Cash – American IV: The Man Comes Around
  • “800 Pound Jesus”Paul Thorn – Hammer and Nail
  • “Dave Matthews”Some Devil – Some Devil (by request)
  • “Way Down in the Hole”Blind Boys of Alabama – The Wire soundtrack
  • “The Wig He Made Her Wear”Drive by Truckers – The Big to Do
  • “God Drives a Volkswagen Thing”Asylumn Street Spankers – Live at Molly Molone’s (by request)
  • “Sunday Morning”The Gospel Truth – Susan Werner
  • “This Gospel How Precious”Zero Church – The Roches
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