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Monthly Archives: July 2010

DJ: David
I played over selections from the Jasmine, the new Keith Jarret and Charlie Haden collaboration and “Spanish Ladies” performed by Bill Frissell and Hal Wilner taken from the Rogues Gallery collection.

  • “Nona Lisa”Paul Thorn – Pimps and Preachers (The Demos) (for all the girls with high heeled shoes who listen to Vagabond Shoes)
  • “Heat Wave”Sol K Bright and His Hollyhawaiians – Music from Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio hour Volume 1
  • “Hot Weather Blues”Mr. Sal Head – Music from Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio hour Volume
  • “Sweet Home Alabama”Lynyrd Skinner – Greatest Hits (RIP Daniel Schorr, member of Nixon’s enemies list… “Watergate does not bother me”)
  • “Amazing Grace”Judy Collins – Forever Anthology (Set reflecting the range of musical possibiliites on WTJU)
  • “Don’t Give Up”John Legend/Pink – Herbie Hancock: Imagine Project
  • “Seven Years”David Byrne and Shara Worden – Here Lies Love
  • “Crossroads”Tom Waits – The Black Rider
  • “Honky Tonk Neanderthal”Paul Thorn – Pimps and Preachers (The Demos) (dedicated to Lonesome George and Pinetope Stephens of Cosmic American Jamboree fame, every Thursday from 12-2 pm here on WTJU)
  • “For Once in Your Life”Hole – Nobody’s Daughter
  • “Respect”Otis Redding & His Orchestra – Live on the Sunset Street
  • “Walking Man”Cello – Subliminal Blues and Greens
  • “U Hate It”Liz Phair – Funstyle
  • “King of Spain”The Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt (For the new World Cup champions, songs about Spain)
  • “Boots of Spanish Leather”Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A-Changin’
  • “Will of the Wisp”Miles Davis – Sketches of Spain
  • “Spanish Coast”Iggy Pop – Preliminaires
  • “Spain”Jackie Allen – The Men in My Life
  • “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”Ozzy Osbourne – You Tube (RIP George Steinbrenner)
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    DJ: Bruce

  • “Morning, Morning” {Tuli Kupferberg}The Fugs [ESP]
    This weeks’s obit
  • “Tom-Tom”Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies – Parish Notices [Green Linnet: 1998]
  • “Days on the Mountain”Tom Verlaine – The Miller’s Tale [Virgin: 1996]
    Live 1982
  • “Regreso al Amour”Astor PIazzolla – Sur [Milan/BMG: 1992]
  • “In Conditional Support of Beauty”Dave Van Ronk – Mayor of MdDougal Street
  • “In Time”Pentangle – Early Classics
  • “Walking Blues”Son House – Martin Scorcese presents [1965]
  • “A Mistake No Doubt”Sweeney’s Men – The Tracks of Sweeney [1969]
    On a 1996 c.d. with the previous self-titled Sweeney’s Men lp which does include Andy Irvine, unlike Tracks of. Still includes Terry Cook, future of the Pogues
  • “Kill the Great Raven”Snakefinger – Chewing Hides the Soung [1979-1999]
    Residents’ Sidekick
  • “Where have you Gone”Edgar Winter – Entrance [?1970]
  • “Shively Spleen”Babylon Dance Band – Four on One [Matador: 1994]
  • “Temporarily Lucy”Kendra Smith – Five Ways of Disappearing [4AD: 1995]
  • “Angel”Kristy MacColl – Titanic Days [1994]
  • “Les Pays des Etrangers”Magnolia Sisters – Cher Amix [Rounder: 2000]
  • “I Got a Gal”James Coles – Compilation – Folks He Sure Did Pull Some Bow [Old Hat]
  • “Regreso al Amor, full version”Astor Piazzolla – Sur
  • “Tristeza, Separacion”Astor PIazzolla
  • DJ: Bruce

  • “Cree Greeting Song”William Peaychew – Classic Canadian Songs [Smithsonian/Folkways]
  • “The Jolly Waggoner”Watersons – Early Days [Topic]
  • “Tonts Tonts!”Ruth Rubin – Classic Canadian [1957]
  • “Alberta Crude”Tim Hus – Alberta Wild Roses Northern Lights [Smithsonian/F]
  • “Secretariat”Reivers – Saturday
  • “Mimic Jester”Night Watchmen – A Deadly Dose of Wylde Psych [Arf Arf: 1969]
  • “I Got me”The Wailers – Live Wire! [Norton: 1965]
  • “Hey Little Songbird”Anais Mitchell – Hadestown [Righteous Babe: 2010]
    Greg Brown on this track
  • “As Long as You Hold me” {Billy Bragg}Kirsty MacColl – Anthology [EMI: 1995]
    For the “Mad Love” soundtrack
  • “Thin Legs”Konono No 1 – Assume Crash Position [Crammed: 2010]
  • “Mama Na Bana”Knonono No 1
  • “Royal drum rhythm Umuterero”Royal Drummers – At the Court of the Mwami, Ruanda [SWP: 1952]
    Hugh Tracey field recordings
  • “Ikizire – Intore Genre”Royal Amakondera Horn Band – At the Court of the Mwami
  • “Slow Jam”Vieux Farka Toure – L:ive [Six Degrees: 2010]
  • DJ: David

    Celebrating the Fourth of July and the principles of freedom of choice and playlists

  • “Ray Ann’s Shoes”Paul Thorn – Pimps and Preachers
  • “Waterlloo Sunset”Kinks – The Kink Kronicles
    RIP Peter Quaife
  • “Third Day of July”Veracruz – The Deep Vibration
  • “Stars and Stripes Forever”Jake Shimabukuro – Song of America
  • “Anthem”Matt Haimovitz – Anthem
  • “Fourth of July Asbury Park (Sandy)”Richard Shindell – Courier
  • “Fourth of July”Robert Earl Keen – Picnic
  • “Independence Day”Bruce Springsteen – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Live 1975/85
  • “Independence Day”Melanie C – Bend it Like Beckham
  • “Independence Day”Mia Doi Todd – The Golden State
  • “July July”The Decemberists – Live from Soho
  • “July Flame”Laura Veirs – July Flame
  • “The Liberty Song”Ed Petersen – Song of America
  • “Yankee Doodle”Harper Simon – Song of America
  • “Jefferson & Liberty”The Wilders – Song of America
  • “America”Simon and Garfunkle – The Bridge School Concerts
  • “American Tune”Darrell Scott – Modern Hymns
  • “Another Day in America”Laurie Anderson – Homeland
  • “America the Beautiful”Neil Young – Living with War
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