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Monthly Archives: October 2010

DJ: Bruce

  1. “Readings in Astrology”Curtis MayfieldCurtis [1970]
  2. “Burying Ground”Muddy Watters – One More Mile, Chess Rarieties [1949]
  3. “Can’t Wake Up to Save My Life”Richard ThompsonMirror blue [1994]
  4. “Diamonds”MekonsNatural [2007]
  5. “Lover of the Bayou”ByrdsUntitled
  6. “My People’s Gone”Howlin’ Wolf – Ain’t Gonna be your Dog, Chess Collectibles 2 [1959]
  7. “Roky Erikson”Two Headed Dog
  8. “Halloween”Rain Parade – Days of Wine and Roses [1982]
  9. “Floppy Boot Stomp”Captain BeefheartShiny Beast [1979]
  10. “Bad Actor”Merle HaggardI am What I am [2010]
  11. “Gela Phuro”Balval – Le Ciel tout nu [whaling City Sound: 2010]
  12. “Rodipen”Balval
  13. “la Pluie”Balval
  14. “Como Un Ave”Grupo Celeste – Roots of Chica 2 – Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru [Barbes: 2010]
  15. “Cionstelacion”Los Destellos – Roots of Chica 2
  16. “Agua”Manzanita y su Conjunto – Roots of Chica 2
  17. “Sharrafouni”Zein Al-Jundi – Sharrafouni [WMD: 2010]
  18. “Allah Ma’ak”Zein Al-Jundi
  19. “Cuando el dia acaba”DepedroNubes de papel [Nat Geo: 2010]

DJ : David

  1. “Nona Lisa” – Paul Thorn – Pimps and Preachers
  2. “Good Day Sunshine” – Ann Dyer & The No Good Time Fairies – Revolver A New Spin                                                                                                           For the Chile miners  who have finally seen the light
  3. “What Good Am I” – Solomon Burke – Make Do With What You Got
    RIP Solomon
  4. “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” – The Slits – You Tube
    RIP Ari Up, founder of the Slits
  5. “Penthouse Serenade” – Marianne Faithful – Strange Weather
    RIP Bob Guccione, founder of Penthouse
  6. “Nature Boy” – Nat King Cole – You Tube
    RIP Jerry Sheffield, aka Boy
    and Jerry Marshall, NY DJ who first played this song
  7. “Happy Days Theme Song” – You Tube
    RIP Tom Boesley, the dad
  8. “Leave it to Beaver” – You Tube
    RIP Barbara Billinglsey, the mom
  9. “Gypsy Waltz” – Howard Fishman – Howard Fishman Quartet
  10. “Tee Na Na” – Howard Fishman – Better Get Right
  11. “Baia Mare” – Howard Fishman – No Further Instructions
  12. “Ashley” – Howard Fishman – Jo’s Diner
  13. “Open The Door Homer” – Howard Fishman – Howard Fishman Performs The Basement Tapes
  14. “Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues” – Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan in Concert Brandeis University 1963
  15. “Track 2” – Richard Buckner – The Hill by request
  16. “Moondance” – Van Morrison – Moondance
    For my wife Bille, on our anniversary
  17. “Autumn Serenade” – John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman – Autumn Serenade
  18. “Witchcraft” – Oscar Petersen Trio – A Jazz Portrait of Frank Sinatra
  19. “Season of the Witch” – Bloomfiled, Kooper, Stills – Super Session

DJ: Bruce

  • “Bapa”Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – Gurrumul [2009]
    Austral. Aboriginal

  • “Way Out There”Gene Parsons – Melodies [Sierra: 1979]
  • “Waitpela Gras”Telek – Serious Taim [2000]
    New Britain (Papua New guinea)
  • “Prairie in the Sky”Tom Russell – Song of the West [HMG/Hightone: 1997]
    written by Mary McCaslin
  • “Polka de l’Adour”Lous Gouyats de l”Adou – Folk Music from South West France [Arc/Euclid: 2008]
    Folk dance/song ensemble from Dax, SW France
  • “Aires de Pontevedra”Pat Kilbride – Undocumented Dancing [Green Linnet: 1992]
    Galician trad. tune, John Whelan Accordioan and Jerry O’Sullivan pipes.
  • “Being Driven”The Triffids – Come Ride with me/Wide Open Road Disc 2 [Domino: 2010]
    C.D.2 (of 10) ‘The Early Singles”
  • “Dry Weather House”Hubert Porter – Mento Madness 1951-1956
  • “What a Fool I was”Percy Mayfield – Specialty Story, Vol 2 [Speciality]
  • “Idzane Muone Kuwala”Samkani Mponela leade – Northern and Central Malwai 1950-9 [Swp]
    Cewa field recordings by Hugh Tracey. Gourd Kazoos
  • “Dance to Africa”Various – jazzin’ Universally [B – W: 1995]
  • “Bazophumula Abangkwelw”Various – Healer’s Brew [B-W: 1995]
    part of the International Meltdown bringing together jazz and traditional musicians
  • “Sunjatta Keita”Jack Dejohnnette & Foday Musa Suso – Music from the Hearts of the Masters [Kindred Rhythm]
  • “In Dhanno’s Eyes”Kronos w/ Asha – You’ve stolen my heart [Nonesuch: 2005]
  • “Elleya Misafir”Hassan Abdel Aziz – Egypt Noir [Piranaha: 2010]
    first appeared on Salamat’s Ezzayakdoum c.d. is a compilation of such musics originally released on Piranaha (from Germany)
  • “Rite of the Ancients”Budos Band – Budos III [Daptone: 2010]
  • “You’ve Stolen My Heart”Asha/Kronos – You’ve Stolen My heart
  • I’m cross posting this from the WTJU Folk Department blog because I couldn’t have said it better myself:

    This past summer there was a tremendous effort put out to save WTJU in all its diversity from the threat of a wholesale change in the format of the station, with huge and vocal community support for free form, DJ driven programming. The result was a reprieve and a chance for the station to make a go of it in its current form, but the reality is it is only a reprieve. The university *requires* that the station increase student participation, listenership and revenue. Now is the time to work on #3 on that list…the upcoming jazz marathon gives you, dear reader, your first opportunity to ‘put your money where your mouth is’. It doesn’t matter if jazz isn’t your first listening priority (however, look at the diversity of ‘jazz’ on WTJU!), but consider this: a strong showing in the station’s first fundraiser following the summer brouhaha will go a long way in helping keep the wolf from the door. The goal for the fundraiser is $40,000…..go here to find out all about the fundraiser, go here to donate (and tell them the folk blog sent you…), go here to volunteer to help out with the fundraiser. Above all, please do something to help!

    DJ: David

  • “Demons in Her Dancing Shoes”Richard Thompson – Dream Attic (acoustic)
  • “I’m Through With Love”Marilyn Monroe – You Tube
    From Some Like It Hot RIP Tony Curtis
  • “The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde”Georgie Fame – You Tube
    RIP Arthur Penn, director of Bonnie and Clyde
  • “John Wesley Harding”Bob Dylan – John Wesley Harding
  • “Pretty Boy Floyd”Woody Guthrie – Woody Guthrie Library of Congress Recordings
    Woody Guthrie died on Oct.3, 1967
  • “Tea for Two”Bill Frisell – Beautiful Dreamers
  • “Mama Said”Justin Towne Earle – Harlem River Blues
  • “Save Some Time to Dream”John Mellancamp – No Better Than This
  • “Judgement Day”Howard Fishman – Better Get Right
  • “Beautifully Broken”Jon Dee Graham & The Fighting Cocks – It’s Not as Bad As It Looks
  • “Set ’em Up Joe”Jamey Johnson – The Guitar Song
  • “Rock n Roll Man”Elizabeth Cook – Welder
  • “That’s Why I Write Songs”Jamey Johnson – The Guitar Song
  • “Pharoh’s Dance (excerpt)”Miles Davis – Bitches Brew
  • “Chelsea Hotel”Leonard Cohen – Songs From the Road
    Happy 76th, Leonard
  • “For Suzanne”Darrell Scott – A Crooked Road
  • “Suzanne”Judy Collins – In My Life
  • “Claire’s Nine”Ben Folds & Nick Hornby – Lonely Avenue
  • “That’s Me Trying”William Shatner/Ben Folds – Has Been
  • “Doc Pomus”Ben Folds & Nick Hornby – Lonely Avenue
  • “Lonely Avenue”Van Morrison – Too Long In Exile
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