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Monthly Archives: May 2011

DJ: Bruce

  1. “America (excerpt)” – Walt Whitman – Poetry on Record [Shout Factory: (1889)]
    edison disc circa 1889
  2. “Ring the Summer Home” – Ewan MacColl – Antiquities [Recall: 1989]
  3. “Lucinda Matlock” – Edgar Lee Masters – Poetry on Record [Shout Factory: (1916)]
  4. “Hatchethead Blues” – Old Southern Jug Band – That Devilin’ Tune- A Jazz History – Vol 1 c.d. 5 [West Hill Radio Radio Archives: 1923]
  5. “I’ll Rise When the Rooster Crows” – Binkley Brothers’ Dixie Clodhoppers – Nashville- Early String Bands 1 [County: 1928]
  6. “Kiss the Boys Goodbye” – Vernon Partlow – Songs for Political Action 9 – Campaign Songs 1944-1949 [Bear Family]
  7. “Old Bob Ridley” – A. L. Lloyd – Bold Sportsmen All [Topic: 1958/1962]
  8. “You’re on my Mind” – the Animals [1966]
  9. “The Marines’ Hymn” – Jerry Lee Lewis – Sun/Bear Family [Bear Family]
  10. “Let’s Think about Living” – Bob Luman – Hard to Find Country Classic Hits [1959]
  11. “The Wailer” – Wailers – Livewire!! [Norton: Circa 1965]
  12. “It Happened Just that Way” – Roger Miller – Genius of [1965]
  13. “The Secret” – Viewx Farka Toure – The Secret [Six Degrees: New]
  14. “Alghalem” – Terakaft – Aratan n Azawad [World Village: New]
  15. “Uku” – Dengue Fever – Cannibal Courtship [Concord: New]
  16. “Mi Son, Mi Friend” – Sergeant Garcia – Una y Otra Voz [Cumbancha: New]
  17. “Unknown” – Meas Simon – Compilation Cambodian Cassette Archieves [Sublime Frequencies: 2004]
  18. “Etoman” – Banda Linda Horns – Onga Trogode [Buda]
  19. “Las Vacas” – Early Dreams – Constantinople [Analekta: New]
  20. “Nouveau Bonheur” – Les Chauds Lapins – Amourettes [Barbes: New]
  21. “Gavan The Wild Deer” – Loga Ramin Torkian – Mehraab [Terrestial Lane: New]



Today is Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday. There’s a ton of Dylan-related stuff (not to mention our recent Dylan-themed marathon), but this blog post by John Bennet from The New Yorker in particular strikes a chord with me.

DJ: David

I talked over selections from Brad Mehldau’s Live in Marciac

  1. “Freight Train Blues” {Happy Birthday Bob} – Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan
  2. “Like a Rolling Stone” – Bob Dylan and the Band Band – After the Flood
  3. “Gonna Change My Way of Thinking” {Thanks Rebecca} – Bob Dylan and Mavis Staples – Gotta Serve Somebody
  4. “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)” {Still here} – REM – Document
  5. “Earth Died Screaming” – Tom Waits – Bone Machine
  6. “Infamous Love Song” – Over the Rhine – The Long Surrender
  7. “The Apocolypse Song” – St. Vincent – Marry Me
  8. “Give Me Tomorrow” – Willie Nile – House of a Thousand Guitars
  9. “Song of the Birds” {RIP Bernard} – Bernard Greenhouse – You Tube
  10. “Tenderness” {RIP Cornel Dupree} – Paul Simon – There Goes Rhymin’ Simon
  11. “Graduation Day” {RIP Bill Flanigan; congrats to grads} – The Four Freshman – You Tube
  12. “I Should Care” {RIP Bruce Ricker} – Theolonius Monk – Theolonius Himself
  13. “Weightless” {For the last flight of the space shuttle Endeavor} – Becca Stevens Band – Weightless
  14. “Come On in My Kitchen” {Happy 100th birthday Robert} – Robert Johnson – The Complete Recordings
  15. “Ramblin’ on My Mind” – Pyeng Threadgill – Sweet Home: The Music of Robert Johnson
  16. “Rambling Blues” – John Hammond – So Many Roads
  17. “Sweet Home Chicago” – Big Head Blues Club – Big Head Blues Club
  18. “Crossroads” – Eric Clapton and Powerhouse – White Bicycles

Sunday, the last day of the Marathon, I co-hosted this show with Rebecca.  We had a great response.  Thanks to all who pledged throughout the Marathon. And, remember, you can still pledge online.

  1. “Lovesick” – Bob Dylan – Time out of Mind
  2. “Just Like a Woman” – Richie Havens – Bob Dylan: The 30th Anniversary Concert Collection
  3. “Mama You’ve Been on Your Mind” – Rod Stewart – Never a Dull Moment
  4. “Tomorrow Is A Long Time” – Ian And Sylvia – Troubabdors Of the Folk Era
  5. “If Not For You” – Bryan Ferry – Dylanesque
  6. “I’ll Be Your Baby Yonight” – Barb Jungr – No Regrets
  7. “Girl from the North Country” – Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash – Johhny Cash Show
  8. “Moonlight” – Maria Muldair – Heart of Mine-Maria Muldair Sings Love Songs of Bob Dylan
  9. “Buckets of Rain” – Maria Muldair – Heart of Mine-Maria Muldair Sings Love Songs of Bob Dylan
  10. “Girl from the North Country” – Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash – Nashville Skyline
  11. “Lay Lady Lay” – Maria Muldaur – Heart Of Mine-The Love Songs Of Bob Dylan
  12. “I Want You” – Sophie B. Hawkins – Tongues and Tails
  13. “My Back Pages” – Bob Dylan – Another Side of Bob Dylan
  14. “If You See Her, Say Hello” – Mary Lee’s Corvette – Blood on the Tracks
  15. “Shelter from the Storm” – Mary Lee’s Corvette – Blood on the Tracks
  16. “Diamonds and Rust” – Judy Collins and Joan Baez – Paradise
  17. “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go” – Madeleine Peyroux
  18. “I Want You” – Cyrille Neville and Friends – Blues On Blonde On Blonde Blues
  19. “Everything’s Broken” – Tim O’Brien – Red On Blonde
  20. “Love Minus Zero/No Limit” – Eliza Gilkeyson – Nod To Bob

DJ: Bruce

Some technical difficulties notwithstanding, the beat went on…

  1. “Let’s Take 16 Bars, partial” – Art Blakey – Drums around the Corner
  2. “Land of Gourds and Honey” – Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra – Gourd Shack
  3. “Tar Solo” – Slah Manaa – Art of Arabic Folk Music
  4. “Crommanti” {Alan Lomax field Recordings 1962} – Drummers of Carriacou – Caribbean Voyage – Saracca
  5. “Sheikh Shamil” – Seyl Samil – Compilation Topic turkey
  6. “Ramana” {Nomad} – Glen Veleze – Ramana
  7. “Mutton Legs (clogging” {Smithsonian} – Laurier & Henri Riendeau – Compilation- Franco American Music of New England
  8. “Where does the Lone Ranger take his garbage?” – Nathanial Stookey – Junkestra [Innova]
  9. “Desire developes an Edge” – Kip Hanrahan – Desire Developes an Edge [American Clave: 1983]
  10. “Cancelling Stamps – University of Ghana P.O.” – Compilation – Worlds of Music
  11. “Hamayala (partial)” – Hamza El Din – Lily of the Nile [Waterlilly]
  12. “” – Kamalesh Maitra – Rough Guide India
  13. “Improvisation on Chauk lan bat dums” – “chauk lan bat of Ko Thein Htay’ – Compilation White Elephants & Golden Ducks/Music of Burma [Shanachie: 1997]
  14. “Side Step with the Toes” – Narasirato Pan Pipers – Cry of the Ancestors – Solomons Islands [ARC/Euclic]
  15. “Ocean Wave” – Jack deJohnnette & Foday Musa Suso – Music for the Hearts of the masters [Kindred Rhythm]
  16. “Maria Chibu – mbira duet” – On The Edge of the Ituri Forest [SWP – Hugh Tracey field recoridi]
  17. “Mamango” – Mbayah (equatorial guinea) – Mbayah [NubaNegra: 1999]
  18. “Caravanseri” – M’boom (Max Roach directory) – MBoom [1979]
  19. “Kip Quest” – Giovaani Hidalgo- Kip Hanrahan – Deep Rumba

Today is the start of the 2011 Folk Marathon.  Here’s the overview:

WTJU will have 71 candles burning for the 2011 Folk Fundraising Marathon, May 9-15 on 91.1 FM and We’ll light 70 of them for Bob Dylan’s Birthday Bash. In addition to playing a wide range of covers and original material, as well as exploring interesting tidbits about the grouchy bard, we’ll delve directly into his source material—old time country, British folk, rhythm and blues, early rock and roll and gospel. You know, the kind of stuff you used to hear from Emmett Boaz on Leftover Biscuits. For our beloved, late Emmett, we’ll keep one big eternal flame burning. His extensive musical knowledge and unique personality will be so missed during our exploration of Folk and Roots music, and his great cooking will be missed at the party afterward. You’ll hear his voice and be reminded of his considerable contributions to WTJU when we rebroadcast recordings of some of his shows and shape shows with him in mind.

Listeners may not realize that federal rules about radio streaming on the internet prohibit us playing shows of all one artist’s recordings. No more entire shows dedicated to Tom Waits, Nanci Griffith, Willie Nelson, Townes Van Zandt or Neko Case. But we can still have fun playing songs written by one person, so you’ll hear Neil Young covers, Johnny Cash covers and tons of Dylan covers in all flavors of Folk and Roots music.

The Folk marathon will also feature terrific live music performances during the week, with an exclusive broadcast of the entire Dervish and Lunasa benefit concert from this past March that WTJU helped to present in Charlottesville, as well as more than a dozen late-night folk and world music documentaries from the Pacifica Radio Archives program “From the Vault.”

Help us celebrate Dylan’s birthday and honor the memory of Emmett with a gift to WTJU by calling 434-924-3959 or making a secure on-line pledge at You can feel proud of the breadth and range of music that can only be heard on WTJU, 91.1 FM and

Here’s the program schedule. You can click on the headphones next to each description to hear the on-ar show program.

In our regular timeslot (Saturday, 6-7:30 pm), Bruce will be doing “Vagabond Percussion”:

We advance beat by beat, thought by thought, pattern by pattern, until the humanity of the drum covers the world.  Lend ears to this project for special programming on global drumming and percussion as part of the WTJU folk music marathon.

David will be cohosting “Lovesick Dylan Covers” with Rebecca Foster on Sunday, May 15 from 2-4 pm:

On his Time Out of Mind album, Bob Dylan sings, “I’m sick of love, but I’m in the thick of it.” And we’ll be in the thick of the WTJU 2011 Folk Marathon. So we’re playing Dylan love songs, mostly of the heartbreak variety, from “Rainy Day Woman” to “Simple Twist of Fate” and, of course, “Love Sick.” You’ll hear a few from the 70th birthday boy himself, but also interesting interpretations from some you may already know, such as Joan Baez and Judy Collins, and some you may not, such Barb Junger, June Tabor, Cassandra Wilson, Sophie Hawkins and Maria Muldaur. We promise we’ll break your heart if you promise to pledge to WTJU!

Also, David will be dropping in to answer phones on Professor Bebop’s “Founding Fathers and Mothers” show on Wednesday, May 11 from 7-9 pm:

Even though there have been a huge number of stars in the world of popular music in the past century, only a small number qualify as the essential musicians who defined 20th-century music.  Professor Bebop will showcase ten who have had an indelible impact on roots and popular music.  You can augment this list with your suggestions AND your pledges! OK, just to start your thinking: One of Bebop’s ten is Chuck Berry.
There’s a lot of great shows. Listen to ’em all.  Pledge to ’em all (well, maybe at least one or two).  Thanks for your support!
  1. “Big Space” – Suzanne Vega – Days of Open Hand
  2. “Daughter” {Happy birthday to my daughter, Sydnie} – Loudon Wainwright – Strange Weirdos
  3. “We Shall Overcome” {Happy birthday Pete Seeger (92)} – Bruce Springsteen – The Seeger Sessions
  4. “On That Day” {Good ridddance Osama Bin Laden} – Leonard Cohen – Dear Heather
  5. “Dog Eat Dog” – Joni Mitchell – Dog Eat Dog
  6. “Everything Reminds Me of My Dog” {RIP Jackie Cooper} – Jane Siberry – Bound by the Beauty
  7. “It’s Time for Church” – Andy Friedman – Laserbeams and Dreams
  8. “Questions for the Angels” – Paul Simon – So Beautiful or So What
  9. “God is God” – Steve Earle – I’ll Never Get Out of this World Alive
  10. “God’s Song (That’s Why I Love Mankind)” – Etta James – The Essential Etta James
  11. “The Devil is an Angel” – Janiva Magness – The Devil is an Angel Too
  12. “Guilty” – Mathew Ryan – May Day
  13. “For Heaven’s Sake” – Sixteen Horsepower – Low Estate
  14. “Cliche Heaven” – Ken Nordine – A Transparent Mask
  15. “Tryin’ to Get to Heaven” – Druha Trava & Peter Rowan – New Freedom Bell
  16. “Only God Can Save Us Now” – Over the Rhine – The Long Surrender
  17. “Atheists Don’t Have No Songs” – Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers – Rare Bird Alert

I’m cross posting from the WTJU Folk Dept. blog, where you can also find video snippets about the movie:

As a kick off event for the WTJU Spring Fundraiser, there will be a Virginia premiere of the documentary movie Sounds Like A Revolution at Random Row Bookstore on Main Street in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday May 7th at 8pm (doors open at 7:30pm). Admission is $5

Sounds Like a Revolution is a feature documentary about a whole new generation of activist musicians who are living proof that music is an important and powerful tool in the ongoing struggle for social change.

WTJU Folk & Roots Marathon Promo Video from Jacob Canon on Vimeo.

DJ: David

It’s Shakespeare’s birthday (well, actually no one is sure when he was actually born, but his baptismal certificate was issued on April 26, 1564) and we’re celebrating. I talked over “The Wedding March” by Mendelsohnn from A Midsummer’s Night Dream (and congrats to the Royal Couple, though why we should care I’m not sure).  I also talked over Moondog’s “Shakespeare City.”  About 90% of tonight’s material came from CD, RIP Norio Ohgo, inventor of the CD.

  1. “Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again” – Bob Dylan – Blonde on Blonde
  2. “Poetry Man” {RIP Phoebe Snow} – Phoebe Snow – Phoebe Snow
  3. “Macbeth” {RIP Madame Nhu} – Flocabulary –
  4. “(The Story of) Hamlet” – Richard Thompson – The Life and Music of Richard Thompson
  5. “Mad Girl” – Emile Autumn – Opheliac
  6. “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” – Cast – Kiss Me Kate
  7. “Under the GreenWood Tree” – Donovan – Wear Your Love Like Heaven
  8. “Love, Love” – Elizabeth Karsten – Shakespeare’s Music of Love
  9. “Sonnet in the Dark” – The Flash Girls – The Return of Pansy Smith and Violet Jones
  10. “No. 3 Song” – Kenneth Branagh/Berlin Philharmonic – A Midsummer’s Night Dream
  11. “So in Love” – Julie London – Julie London Sings the Choicest of Cole Porter
  12. “In the Cars on the LIRR” – Cordelia’s Dad – Spine
  13. “Cordelia” – The Tragically Hip – Road Apples
  14. “NYC Man” – Lou Reed – Set the Twilight Reeling
  15. “Tempest” – The Young Scamels – The Tempest
  16. “You and Me Song” – The Wannabies – Romeo+Juliet soundtrack
  17. “Romeo and Juliet” – Dire Straits – Making Movies
  18. “Don’t Fear the Reaper” – Blue Oyster Cult – Agents of Fortune
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