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Monthly Archives: September 2011

The  2011 Jazz Fundraising Marathon is going on right now.

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The marathon runs from September 26 through October 2nd.  More details and a complete program schedule can be found on the WTJU Marathon website.

While Vagabond Shoes is not appearing in its regular 6-7:30 pm time on Saturday, Bruce and David will host a program on jazz guitar Saturday afternoon, October 1,  from 3-5 pm.  Also, David will be hosting Rick Olivarez live in the studio from 7-9 pm on Sunday, October 2.

Jazz Guitar
Saturday, October 01 03:00PM
Hosted by:
David Soyka/Bruce Koplin

The term jazz guitar may refer to either a type of guitar or to the variety of guitar playing styles used in the various genres which are commonly termed jazz. The jazz-type guitar was born as a result of using electric amplification to increase the volume of conventional acoustic guitars. Conceived in the early 1930s, the electric guitar became a necessity as jazz musicians sought to amplify their sound. We’ll amplify on the style of the jazz guitar, from Charlie Christian to Kurt Rosenwinkle, from Wes Montgomery and Herb Ellis to John Scofield and Pat Metheny, featuring live performances where possible.

LIVE in the Studio: Rick Olivarez Trio
Sunday, October 02 07:00PM
Hosted by:
David Soyka
It’s time for gypsy music, from Django to Gorgol Bordello. Featuring the Rick Olivarez Trio playing live in the studio with Rick himself picking out his favorite gypsy swing tunes. We’ll be passing around the hat for your contributions to the cause.

Check out our full schedule of marathon specials.

Don’t forget, we record all our shows for convenient streaming up to two weeks from the date of broadcast. So, if you missed a live show, you can still hear it at our Tape Vault. (We know you’ll want to hear them all!)

We invite you to join us on WTJU, and remember that Jazz Lives Here.


DJ: David

  1. “Horses and High Heels”Marianne Faithful – Horses and High Heels [NAIVE: 2011]
  2. “Sunday Morning in Saturday’s Shoes”Richard Julian – Sunday Morning in Saturday’s Shoes [EMI: 2008]
  3. “Thanks for the Memory” – {RIP Dolores Hope, who died at 104) Bob Hope & Shirley Ross – The Sound of the Movies Vol. 16 (The songs of Irving Berlin) [DAYL: 2008]
  4. “Stand by your Man” {which Mrs. Hope did}Lyle Lovett – Lyle Lovett and His Large Band [1990: MCA/Curb]
  5. “Jackie-ing” {as Jackie Kennedy also stood by her man, as newly released recordings show}Ben Allison – Action-Fraction [2011: Palmetto]
  6. “Monica Lewisnky” {RIP Norma Holloway Johnson, judge who oversaw Lewinsky inquiry}David Gans & the Broken Angels – Monica Lewinsky [2007: Perfectible]
  7. “Walking Spanish” {For the execution of Troy Davis}Tom Waits – Rain Dogs [1985: Island]
  8. “The Long Road”Eddie Vedder with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Dead Man Walking [1995: Columbia]
  9. “The Hostage” {40th anniversary last month of the Attica riots}Judy Collins – True Stories [1973: Elektra]
  10. “Satellite of Love” {The sky is falling, A NASA satellite the size of a bus is about to fall to Earth} – Milla Jovovich and the MDH Band – The Million Dollar Hotel (soundtrack) [2000: Interscope]
  11. “Driver 8”{the band is calling it quits} REM – Fables of the Reconstruction [1985: MCA]
  12. “Everybody’s Boppin'” {Jon Hendricks celebrates his 90th birthday}Lambert, Hendricks & Ross – The Hottest New Group in Jazz [1996: Columbia/Legacy]
  13. “Miles Ahead” {In November, Hendricks will premier song cycle based on Miles Ahead}Miles Davis & Gil Evans – Miles Ahead [1957: Columbia]
  14. “It Was a Very Good Year”Frank Sinatra – September of My Years [1965: Reprise]
  15. “September”Ryan Adams and the Cardinals – Jacksonville City Nights [2005: Lost Highway]
  16. “September Song”James Brown – Soul on Top [1969: Verve]
  17. “Yes Maria Yes” {The Museum will be at the Festy on Columbus Day Weekend}David Wax Museum – Everything is Saved [2011: Self]

I talked over selections from David Grisman Quartet, who will be at the Festy on Columbus Day weekend.

Listen to this show on the Tape Vault. It will be available for the next two weeks.

This weekend Atlantic Weekly will broadcast live from the Charlottesville City Market. As always, they’ll bring to your Saturday morning everything you need in the way of folk and new acoustic music from both sides of the Atlantic.

If you’re out at City Market this Saturday, stop by and say hello. Our broadcast table will be located along 2nd street. So tune in, or drop in – to City Market – Saturday,September 24th from 8:00 till noon, when Atlantic Weekly goes to market. Right here on WTJU Charlottesville, The Sound Choice in Central Virginia.

DJ: Bruce

Listen to this show on the Tape Vault. It will be available for the next two weeks.

  1. “Worried Life Blues” – David Honeyboy Edwards(1942) Obituary – Delta Bluesman [Earwig: 1992]
  2. “Mitchell Blues” – Wade Mainer (1938) Obituary – Compilation Ragged but Right [RCA: 1988]
  3. “Tarnished Angel” – George Jones (Obit for Cliff Robertson/Days of Wine and Roses) – Cup of Lonlieness -the Classic Mercury Years [Polygram: 1993]
  4. “I want to know” – Fugs (Obit for George Kucher, filmmaker) – Fugs lp [ESP: 1966]
  5. “the Sea of Love” – John Fahey 1988 (obit for Jordan Belson, filmmaker) – Old Gilrlfriends and other horrible memories [Rounder: 1992]
  6. “You Caused It All By Telling Lies” – Hank Williams (birthday today) – Shreveport Demos/Complete Hank [Polygram/Mercury]
  7. “Harlan County” – Jim Ford(1969) – Harlan County [Light in the Attic: 2011]
  8. “The Great Provider” – Mariachi is Bronx – Mariachi is Bronx [ATO: New]
  9. “The Magpie” – Ian Tyson – And Stood There Amazed [Vanguard: 1991]
  10. “A Postcolonial Tale” – Joy Harjo and Poetic Justice – Letter from the end of the Twentieth Century [Silverwave: 1997]
  11. “A Prince among men (Only a Miner)” – Patrick Street – All in Good Time [Green Linnet: 1991]
  12. “Josseharadspolka” – Matts Eden and Leif Stinnerboom – Compiilation – Folk Music in Sweden [Caprice: 1999]
  13. “Akhalqalaqi” – Gevorg Dabaghyan – Miniatures Mastures for Armenian Duduk [Traditional Crossroads: 2002]
  14. “Karsijakali” – Mahmur Handan Hanim(1933) – Compilation Women of Istanbul [Traditional Crossroads: 1998]
  15. “Halay” – Zurnaci Halil – Compilation Masters of Turkish Mjusic [Rounder: 1990]
  16. “La Paloma” – BalkanTamburitza Orchestra(1940) – Compilation Tamburitkza – From the Balkans to America 1910=1950 [Arhoolie: 2007]
  17. “Polska” – Hedningarna – Folk Music of Sweden
  18. “Ngena Mntan’am” – The Ministers – Compilation Next Stop Soweto Vol 3, Giants, Ministers, and Maker [Strut: 2010]
  19. “Ye Wo” – Lokua Kanza – Lokua Kanza [Night and Day: 1993]
  20. “Maral Tanie” – Ingamadji Mujos (Chadian) – Compilation Africavision 2, Musical Anthology of African Cinema [Buda: 2006]

DJ: David


  1. “New York”Cat Power – Jukebox [Matador: 2008]
  2. “When New York Had Her Heart Broke”John Hiatt – Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns [New West Records: 2011]
  3. “The Rising”Bruce Springsteen – The Rising [Columbia: 2002]
  4. “WTC 911 II.2010”Steve Reich & Kronos Quartet – WTC 911 [Nonesuch: 2011]
  5. “Grand Central Station”Mary Chapin Carpenter – Between Here and Now [Sony: 2004]
  6. “On the Transmigration of Souls”John Adams/New York Philharmonic – On the Transmigration of Songs [Nonesuch: 2004]
  7. “On That Day”Leonard Cohen – Dear Heather [Columbia: 2004]
  8. “Let’s Roll”Neil Young – Are You Passionate [Reprise: 2002]
  9. “O Superman”Laurie Anderson – Live at Town Hall NYC September 19-20, 2001 [Nonesuch: 2001]
  10. “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square”Sonny Rollins – Without a Song: The 911 Concert [Sony: 2005]
  11. “Let it Be”Paul McCartney – The Concert for NYC [Sony: 2001]
  12. “Ryan Adams”New York, New York – Gold [Lost Highway: 2001]
  13. “High Water for Charlie Patton”Bob Dylan – Love and Theft [Columbia: 2001]
  14. “God on Our Side”Bob Dylan – The Times They Are a Changin’ [Columbia: 1964]

Listen to this show on the Tape Vault. It will be available for the next two weeks.

Bruce is Back!

  1. “Storm thru Mississipi” – Henry Green – Guitar Evangelists 2 B [JSP: 1952]
  2. “Wake Up Irene” – Hank Thompson – Vintage [1953]
  3. “Peg and Awl” – Pete Seeger – American Industrial Ballads [Smithsonians]
  4. “Hallejujah I’m a Bum” {Harry McClintock} – Utah Phillips – Moscow Hold [red House]
  5. “Behind the Mule” – John Lee Hooker – Country Blues [OBC: 1959]
  6. “He’s a Keeper of the Flame” – Buffy Saint Marie – Illuminations [1969]
    obit track for Budd Hopkins, Abstract Expressionist who invented the genre of Alien Abductions
  7. “Guts” – John Cale – Slow Dazzle [Island: 1974]
    obit for Dr William Wolff, developer of the modern Colonoscopy
  8. “Pastures of Plenty” {Woody Guthrie} – Tom Paxton – Tribute to Woody Guthrie compilation [Warner]
  9. “My Bonny Lad” – Isla Cameron – England/Lomax/World Library of Folk Music [Rounder: 1951]
  10. “16 Tons” – Merle Travis – Hot Pickin’/ [Proper: 1946]
  11. “Workin’ Man Blues” – Merle Haggard – Best of Country Blues [Curb]
  12. “Mr Sellak” – Roches – the Roches [Warner B: 1979]
  13. “Meetin’ the Mules” – Cephas and Wiggins – Homemade [Alligator: 1999]
  14. “Dark as a Dungeon” – Cisco Houston – Folkways years [Smithsonian]
  15. “Samuel” – Bert Williams – Middle Years [Archeophone: 1915]
  16. “Rollin’ Home” {John Tams} – Deighton Family – Rollin’ Home [Green Linnet: 1999]
  17. “The Farmer is the Man” – Pete Seeger – American Industrial Ballads [Smithsonian: (1956)]
  18. “Imdiwan Ma Tenam” – Tinariwen (guest Nels Cline) – Tassili [Anti: 2011]
  19. “Matapalo Matamusa” – Jose Conde – Jose Conde [Pipiki: 2011]
  20. “Shams” – Shujaat HusainKhan, Katayhoun Goudarzi, Imamyar Hasanov, Abhiman – Shams [2008]
    Musicians based in Ocean N.J.
  21. “Dara” – Black Bear Moon Rhthym Ensemble – Wading into the River Djoliba
    Rhythm Ensemble from New Hampton New Hampshire
  22. “Transe Amazonico” – ?? – Compilation – DgitalDubs #1 [ROIR: 2011]
Listen to this show on the Tape Vault. It will be available for the next two weeks.
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