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DJ: Bruce

This is Bruce’s last show on Vagabond Shoes. You may have noticed the announcement of a new schedule at WTJU. Alas, for various reasons, Vagabond Shoes is not part of it.  Bruce elected to “call it a day” with this edition.  There are three more shows to go; the last is on July 14. Here’s Bruce’s final playlist.

  • “Bruce’s Last Vag. Shoes.”The Unknown Writer”” – Merrell Fankhauser – Rturn to Mu
  • “Going to California” – Terry Allen – Songs from Chippy
  • “We Ain’t Got Nothing Yet” – Blues Magoos – Kaleidoscopic Compendium
  • “Tell Me When it’s Over” – Dream Syndicate – Days of Wine and Roses
  • “As You Make Your Bed” – Dave Van Ronk – Mayor of Bleeker Street
  • “Going Going Gone” – Richard Hell – Destiny Street lp
  • “Why Oh Why” – Woody Guthrie – This Land
  • “I’m Tired of Always having to shift” – MacColl/Seeger/Parker – Radio Ballad – The Travelling People
  • “100 Years from Now” – Byrds – Sweethearts of the Rodeo
  • “Too Old to Cut the Mustard” – Enest Tubb – Retrospective 2
  • “I just dropped in to say goodbye” – Jimmy Davis – CMHF
  • “My Last Date with You” – Skeeter Davis
  • “Get Up & Go” – Chet Atkins
  • “Alabama Bound” – Pete Seeger – Roger McGuinn’s Treasures from the Folk Den
  • “Before this time next year” – Bessie Jones & Group – Lomax Southern Journey – Georgia Sea Islands
  • “Homeward Bound” – Stuart Frank – Classic Maritimes Songs [Smithsonian]
  • “Parting Waltz” – Iry Lejeune – Definitive Collection [Ace]
  • “I’ll Go On” – Joe Lee – Virginia andthe Piedmont 1934-1942
  • “Moving Day” – Holy Modal Rounders – #1 And #2
  • “When the Sun Comes Around Again” – Medicine Head – New Bottles Old Medicine
  • “Going to the West” – Peggy Seeger – Folk on 2 – Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger [Cooking Vinyl]
  • “Let it Come Down” – Mose Allison
  • “2451” – Robert Forster – I had a New York Girlfriend
  • “I’m getting ready to Go” – Michael Hurley – Snockgrass
  • “Jeddacuttup Man promo” – Triffids – Come With Me Wide Open Road Box
  • “Wapenzi Kuwaona” – East Coast Orche

Listen to this show on the Tape Vault. It will be available for the next two weeks.


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