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  1. Nibiru – album by Paul Hayworth
    Released 21/12/11 on electrocuted Wilma tunes
    Trailer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbOa7dIId7g

    Originally concieved around 2007 named from the title track Nibiru. It is based around the idea that we live in a binary solar system with two suns, our sun and a brown dwarf. At the end of every era, as portrayed many ancient cultures and religions, a cataclysm befalls the planet, it is cleaned of everything and the cycle of life starts once again.

    The world is awash with what could be called consipracy theories about ‘the end times’ as seemingly more disasters, social upheaval and rapid changes take place on our planet with incresing intensity every day. If we have found with technology such an object and it was heading straight for us, could we ever stop it? Many people now live in fear that something big is around the corner. Is it Nibiru the rogue brown dwarf star?

    The music is lies somewhere between experimental Indie, Glitchcore and Space Rock. At nearly 30 minutes long the opening song on the album gains in speed and intensity throughout, theatrical lyrical excerts are taken from ‘The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth’ known to the Alchemists, hidden knowledge and wisdom long regarded by scholars such as Aristotle, Isac Newton and Alexander The Great. Experimental analogue synths wash over guitars through many movements and passages creating a titanic marathon production of ‘Space Rock’ doomsday creation.

    The other six tracks on the album, mix styles like Retro Pop and New Wave Punk. A video single Banyan Tree (Indie Rock), one film soundtrack Killing Disko (Post Punk) following more science fiction or maybe actual science facts that have come from alternative to mainstream thinking about the grandest forseen grizzly end to date.

    Nibiru – The musical story of a molten metal cataclysm of doom that is hurtling our way.

    Banyan Tree Video Single: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRo3a-1DWKY

    Streams, photo’s, vids and general info’s – http://www.paulhayworth.bandcamp.com

    If you would like to use any of this matirial in your blog, website, radio station please reply to this e-mail with a request.

    Happy New Year
    e-Wilma tunes

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